Breaking And Entering’s Five to Watch Powered by Reverbnation: December 2019

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December is usually when you see plenty of year-end lists that take a look back at the top (album/song/artists) of the last twelve months. However, we’re looking forward to 2020 with five more buzzworthy artists that have a tremendous amount of potential. There’s enough talent here to get you excited for the new year, so let’s take a look at another edition of Five To Watch:

Royse (Los Angeles, CA)

When it comes to pop music, one of the epicenters of the genre is Los Angeles, a veritable bubblegum music factory. Young singer/songwriter Royse simply has a sound that not only will do well within the city, but far beyond it, combining dark production with emotional lyrics and exceptional harmonies. While all of the pop music production tricks could come into play here, she doesn’t really need them, with a powerful voice that comes out in her hooks. Royse definitely has a sound that is just one big song away from breaking her onto a big stage very quickly. Check out “Oxygen” below:

Tyler Meacham (Richmond, VA)

On the other side of the map, 25-year old Tyler Meacham is crafting heartfelt pop that blends a multitude of influential genres to create a unique sound. While there’s some traditional pop that reigns supreme, Meacham’s sound also has some indie rock interference, as well as just a little bit of country twang that likely comes from living in the south. Songs like “Moving On” hit with near-perfection, though, with layered choruses and the combination of low-key verses with the ability to show off her vocal range as things progress. Check out the single here:

Austin Strange (Toronto, Canada)

While Ontario already has a pretty famous bleach-blonde pop music crooner, singer Austin Strange is definitely looking to be the next superstar to claim the Canadian province. With a hip hop swagger and absolute earworm-level hooks, Strange has his style downpat, and you hear that on single “Walk Away”. In fact, while the Justin Bieber comparisons could be seen as diminishing his efforts, there’s truth that the song could easily land on a Justin Bieber project and have a similar impact. Austin Strange will continue to build his own lane, but there’s always at least the possibility that the internet could carry his momentum faster than expected into superstardom, much like his fellow Ontario native.

ROMII (Brisbane, Australia)

From the moment that ROMII’s single, “You Keep Running” kicks in, you get the sense that you’re listening to not only pop music, but something bigger than that. After earning accolades in her native Australia, she’s been in Los Angeles working with songwriters and producers on new material. Previously, she won a Queensland Music Award for another track, “Wild Heart”, and only looks to carry on that momentum stateside. She’s been writing music as young as seven years old, and has the vocal chops to deliver on a pop beat that is made for her style. Keep an eye out for more new music in 2020, and check out “You Keep Running” below:

Autopilot (Saskatoon, Canada)

Canadian indie trio Autopilot isn’t taking the fast track to success. The band has recorded three albums and an EP, and regularly is hitting the road in North America to make their name known. Once you’ve heard them, though, you’d be hard pressed to forget about them, with well crafted songs like single “Weightless”. The track features plenty of well-layered vocals and a driving guitar line that will remind you of your favorite alt-rock heroes. Autopilot continues to build, and we can’t wait to see them playing a much bigger stage in the near future. Check out “Weightless” here:

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