Artist Spotlight: Avenues

Long-running punk rockers Avenues played at Sabbatic Monday night alongside noise rock band Primitive Broadcast Service and LA indie punks Divided Heaven. For a Monday night, music lovers showed up and immersed into the bands’ energy.

Avenues is made up of vocalist/guitarist Vin Smith, guitarist Shawn Brooks, bassist Scott Brooks, and drummer Marc Perez. While Smith started the band in 2006, the current lineup has been going since 2009. Their last effort had been their “Creep Show” EP from 2015, although the band’s debut full-length “We’re All Doomed” is on the way.

“Studio time has been booked, and in 2020 here we come,” Scott said. “It’s a lot of things going into it, trying to get videos put together and having everything come out as one piece. There’s been delay…our drummer Marc got really sick and almost died, but he’s good now. He’s up to full speed.”

Scott discusses what the band is confronting on their new album.

“Pretty much we’re looking at climate change and going the old-school roots of punk rock. It’s nothing too political, nothing too dark…but just about what’s going on right now. The title track kinda sets the tone for the album.”

The band was just in Chicago Sunday night.

“We had to watch the Bears win, which was kinda hard,” Scott laughed.

They also hit the road this summer and played across the Midwest.

“We call it the Middle Earth tour…we went out to Wyoming-Colorado and back. It was a lot of cool venues and great bands to play with.”

Scott reflects on how the scene has evolved since Avenues became a band.

“It’s changed a lot – there’s a lot of online media and figuring out how to separate yourself from other bands. We’re trying to get people engaged while still wanting them to come out, like why they shouldn’t just sit around on the couch watching Netflix. There’s a lot of distraction in the world at this point…your phone, the TV, you can stream any movie at any time. People have a thirty-second attention span. We’re trying to have people enjoy coming out and wondering why they don’t do it more often.”

Avenues expect their album to be out by the end of the year.

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