Artist Spotlight: GGOOLLDD

Beloved indie-electropop band GGOOLLDD played a free show at The Cooperage Thursday evening, packing the Walker’s Point venue full. The band is usually on the road these days and not in town a ton, but surprised us with an opportunity not to be passed up. Lex Allen joined them for a song and played a secret set afterwards.

GGOOLLDD consists of vocalist Margaret Butler, guitarist Nick Ziemann, drummer Mark Stewart, and keyboardist Nick Schubert. Their most recent single “Success” dropped in March, and we have long anticipated a new record from them.

“We’ve been finishing an album,” Butler said. “It’s pretty much done…it’s just that whole music industry situation of how to get it out there, and we’re working on that. I’m very, very excited about it – it’s more rock ‘n roll than our last albums, still pop obviously, but just hits a little harder and we all needed that at the moment. We’re already writing more songs now for the next record because we spent a lot of time learning how to write together and it’s been a fun and amazing process. Now we have this thing down better than ever so we wanna keep writing.”

GGOOLLDD has toured all over the country. Butler says Chattanooga, Tennessee is one of their favorite towns to play.

“I have no idea why. Every time we drive through it, I just love the city. We stopped through it and played a show – expecting nothing, it was probably a Wednesday – but it was a tiny venue and we played on the floor, and there wasn’t a whole lot of people there but then people started coming from the streets and a bunch of them were in furry outfits…crazy, fun, glittery people. I was like “I wanna hang out here more.” I love the smaller towns.”

GGOOLLDD started as a Halloween-themed band that became a serious endeavor quickly – Butler elaborates.

“I love Halloween; it’s my favorite holiday. I was a clothing designer at the time and I had a little shop where I re-did my attic. I finally finished it and wanted to have people over to have a Halloween party, but was like “wait, I can’t afford to pay a band…I’m just gonna start a band.” It was supposed to be a one-time thing but just kept going. That first show was terrible and I have no idea why people kept asking us to play shows…someone recorded it for me and I’m not giving that up to anyone…it was the worst fucking thing I’ve ever seen. But everyone had a hell of a time, and Pabst sponsored it.”

GGOOLLDD hopes to have their new album out by the end of the year. They play with Lex Allen at Fox River House in Appleton on the 31st.

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