AUDIO: Unlocking The Truth – “Pretend”

The story of Unlocking The Truth is a compelling one on paper; the band is comprised of three high school students in Brooklyn who don’t necessarily dress or act like metalheads on first glance. The band first achieved notoriety with social media captured performances on the street in Times Square that were wildly shared. However, the band are no slouches when it comes time to hop in the studio, amassing thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify with an intense combination of hard guitars and plenty of energy. That comes out on their latest, “Pretend”, a new single that packs a punch from the moment the song kicks into high gear. The band aren’t currently on a label, but it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that they’ll be garnering enough interest to reach that level by the time they’re ready to graduate. Check out “Pretend” below:

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