2019 Midwest Gaming Classic Music Lineup Announced

For the fifth consecutive year, the Midwest Gaming Classic will feature a local music lineup on April 13th and 14th at the Wisconsin Center. In addition to gaming-related activities on the MGC Main Stage Presented by A Band of Gamers podcast, nine acts over a variety of genres, including Myles Coyne and Subspace will be featured. The convention also features appearances from Svengoolie, Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame, and Eric Bischoff from the WCW/WWE. In addition to the lineup announcement, watch our Instagram today, as we’ll be giving away a limited edition poster from last year’s event.

MGC Main Stage at Midwest Gaming Classic Presented by A Band of Gamers

Saturday April 13, 2019

11:00: Mechanical Life Vein

Painfully authentic video game music performed alongside a LIVE game.  Inaccessible video game art-rock for the masses!

12:30: Alicia Renée

Vocalist Alicia Renée combines her favorite elements of all genres of music and turns them into her own flavor of jazz. Along with her trusty ukulele, Alicia has been arranging covers for pop tunes, showtunes, rock classics and video game music. Alicia is thrilled to return to the Midwest Gaming Classic to share her nerdy covers of the awesome music from Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong and Zelda!

1:30: Arcade Mode

Playing Jazz Fusion renditions of the coolest video game songs!

4:15: Myles Coyne

Milwaukee troubadour Myles Coyne, aka Mouse Corn, returns to MGC 2019 with a slew of anime covers, video game tunes, and original music. For fans of Studio Ghibli, Twin Peaks, Death Stranding, and Pokemon.

5:15: 8-Bit Zero

A blues band featuring 2 Nintendo Game Boys and 1 human being. The human sings and plays guitar and saxophone while the Game Boys do most of the work. They sing songs about video games, rock ‘n’ roll, and crossroads.

Sunday April 14, 2019

11:00: Lords of the Trident (Fang & Baron Acoustic Duo

Although they play the heaviest of heavy metal, the LORDS recently realized that in order to conquer all of music, they would have to expand into other SOFTER genres. So they dipped their acoustic guitars in a bath of liquid steel in order to reinforce them, and started playing acoustic renditions of their heavy metal hits!

12:00: MFML

MFML is the DJ project from Milwaukee native Matt Lubus. Also known for his work in the electronic group Moth Light, MFML will doing a heavy video game themed DJ set for MGC with hints of electronic music thrown in.

3:00: Gunderslam

A solo heavy metal experience of video game covers, ranging in a variety of metal styles from groove metal to death metal. A well rounded pallet for all fans of metal and video games to enjoy!

4:00: Subspace

Subspace is a collective of video mixing, pixel junkie DJs. Music mixed to a vast array of 8-bit and pop-culture, cut-up and found footage visuals for a mind-melting AV experience.

For more information about the Midwest Gaming Classic, check out their website here.

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