Milwaukee Music Startup BookLive Launches Public Beta

BookLive Logo

If you ever been in the business of booking a live musician, or being available to get gigs, you know that communication is often times a fickle thing. One Milwaukee startup is looking to change that, however, with the launch of BookLive, a social network designed for musicians and the music community to easily connect and handle booking opportunities, all in one place.

BookLive is co-founded by Jared Judge, a musician and graduate of UWM and Keaton Viavattine, a nationally touring musician. With both having experience booking shows, the concept is handled with the artist’s point of view in mind first. The web app is designed to make scheduling, contracts, and communication simple, as well as clarify the business side of booking.

“Being performers, ourselves, we realized that the vast majority of freelance musicians lack the training and skills needed to successfully run the business-side of their careers, and ultimately this makes it nearly impossible for music to be a viable, sustainable career path for them,” says Jared Judge, co-founder and CEO of BookLive. “Our platform is designed to help artists manage the not-so-fun parts of the job so they can focus on doing what they love – entertaining people with their music – and make a living doing it too.”

You can click here to sign up for the beta version of BookLive, with a full launch expected to follow in the future. As Milwaukee continues to grow musically, the business side of things is evolving as well, and BookLive will surely be a part of that process.

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