GALLERY: Great Lake Swimmers at The Back Room at Colectivo

Saturday night, Great Lake Swimmers from Ontario, Canada performed at the Back Room at Colectivo to celebrate the release of their fall album ‘The Waves, the Wake’. The band brought a large crowd that filled the room full of fans ready to listen to the artists blend of rural folk soundscapes and elegant vocals. The show was breathtaking, pulling fans into an introspective state of mind often allowing the music to speak louder then the words being sang into the crowd. The music tossed and churned like the unruly waves of the great lake just down North Avenue that inspire the very band to create the atmosphere they bring to the table.

Milwaukee was thrilled to have Great Lake Swimmers come to the Backroom on a very windy Saturday evening. To hear lead vocalist Tony Dekker sing to the group at the end of the evening a lullaby to hold onto for next few weeks,

“Oh is this the dream I’ve been saving?
Oh where the heart beats slower and slower
To almost nothing
Almost nothing,”

It was a perfect conclusion to a wistful performance at the backroom.

Tony Dekker, lead vocalist

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