AUDIO: CJ Folds – “The Tape”

Milwaukee photographer and artist CJ Folds is getting a jump start on 2019, putting out his debut release, “The Tape”, last week. It’s not often that someone can jump from one medium of creativity to another with ease, and while there are some signs of being green to releasing projects, Folds is still able to hold it down when it comes time to put in verses. In addition to CJ on the mic, we get features from a handful of younger names in the local hip hop scene, including LA, Dyzzi, Lala, Lil Riqo, and Dubb. All things considered, this is definitely a solid foot in the door for CJ Folds, and we’ll be looking to see his progression in 2019. Get a proper introduction to Folds with “The Tape” below:

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