The Nightmare On Center Street 4 Schedule Announced


Amongst the many options for Halloween parties annually, Voodoohoney Records presents one of the strongest local music offerings with The Nightmare on Center Street 4 on Saturday, October 27th. The Riverwest music festival features a variety of options across five venues this year, including a healthy dose of up and coming hip hop, an emo cover band, and a Chalice in the Palace hosted night of reggae. All-access passes are $15 and come with a “special surprise perk”. Tickets to individual venues are $10 at the door. Check out the full schedule below:

Voodoohoney Presents The Nightmare on Center Street 4

Jazz Gallery:
7:00 – Phat Nerdz
8:00 – Joe Quinto
9:00 – Yogie B and Keez featuring Vincent Van Great

Quarters Rock N’ Roll Palace:
9:15 – Taj Raiden
10:00 – Dirty Dancing
11:00 – Avantist

Company Brewing:
10:15 – Genesis Renji
11:15 – ORB
1:00 – Voodoohoney Presents A Very Emo Valentine’s

Club Timbuktu:
10:30 – Sunkin Suns
11:20 – Father Sky
12:00 – Cowboy Bebop Anime Orchestra

Mad Planet:
9:00 – Chalice in the Palace
10:00 – They Guanus
11:30 – Chalice in the Palace
12:00 – R.A.S Movement
1:30 – Chalice in the Palace

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