AUDIO: Alekesam – “Sound Proof Heart”

You may know him from his work on TV as the face of the X Games, or E! News, or Viceland and Red Bull TV, but television personality Sal Masekela has another dimension to his entertainment career, as R&B act Alekesam. Today, Alekesam’s sophomore album, “Sound Proof Heart” is out via Alpha Pup Records. Masekela, as well as producer Sam Levine, are both second generation musicians. Their fathers, Hugh Masekela and acclaimed producer Stewart Levine were roommates and made music together, and both Sal and Sam followed suit prior to Alekesam’s debut release in 2012. The latest offering from the duo is nine songs of honest, heartfelt R&B. There’s a certain level of personal depth added to Masekela’s songwriting, as it brings out emotion that counterbalances his often chipper TV personality. That heartfelt authenticity comes out on tracks like “Vagabond”, as well as the album’s title track. There’s a certain vulnerability that is exposed on the components of this project, and that makes for a strong final product. Check out “Sound Proof Heart” below:

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