INTERVIEW: Jukebox The Ghost

With over a decade of touring and five studio albums out, Jukebox The Ghost have been through their share of ups and downs. They’re definitely on a major upswing, though, following the release of their latest album, “Off To The Races”. The band is currently touring, and that includes a stop at this year’s Summerfest on Friday night. We talked to Ben Thornewill ahead of the band’s appearance at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse on July 6th. Check it out:

B&E: You’re touring in support of your fifth studio album, “Off To The Races”. What makes this record stand out to you? 

BT: This record is filled with massive vocals stacks, big guitar solos, pop hooks… we love every song on the record.  We don’t have any kids yet but I think every record is like a child – you love them all equally, but you love the newest one the best. (is that a thing? It’s not is it? I am the oldest of two…)

B&E: Who (or what) influenced the making of this record to you? 

BT: We have been doing a show called HalloQueen for the last three years, where we do a full set of Queen around Halloween in costume and everything. When we were making this record we tried to incorporate some of the arrangement and songwriting tricks that Queen employs – wacky structure, strange chords but all still pop.

B&E: If you had to pick a favorite song from the album, what would it be and why? 

BT: I have a soft spot for “Jumpstarted” – there are over 100 of my vocals in the track. It even crashed the session when we were making the album.

B&E: The band has been touring pretty consistently for the three years between this record and your last. Is there plans to take that long of a break between recording again this time around? 

BT: We hope never to take that long of a break from touring again. We got caught up in the logistics of getting dropped by a major label and figuring out how to release music as an independent artist.

B&E: Which do you prefer more, making a record in the studio or playing big festival stages like Summerfest? 

BT: You make records so you can travel the world and play big festival stages like Summerfest, so while it’s hard to pick, we are pumped to play Summerfest!

B&E: We always love a good tour story. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you guys while on the road?   

BT: We’ve slept on floors, been kicked out of Major League Baseball players’ Super Bowl parties, played arenas and 80 person rock clubs. It’s hard to have a craziest thing after over 10 years of touring.

B&E: Finally, you’re headed to Milwaukee, a notorious drinking town. What’s your beer of choice? 

BT: Milwaukee’s Best is, of course, the best.

You can catch Jukebox The Ghost on Friday, July 6th at 8:00 at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse.


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