RECAP: Big Beat MKE Quarterfinals, Night One

Just when we thought that the first round of the Big Beat MKE contest was crazy, night one of the quarterfinals kicked off with some pure pandemonium. Two more names made their way into the next round of the tournament, and are one step closer to claiming producer supremacy with the inaugural Big Beat MKE title.

The opening contest of the night was a pure slugfest, as good friends TStreetz_Beatz and Mikeaknight_Beats went toe to toe in one of the hottest battles yet. Emcee Twan Mack made an OG call for an overtime round, and the crowd was definitely in favor of that decision. It was a great way to set off the night, and while the judges definitely had a tough call on their hands, ultimately TStreetz_Beatz got the win to move on to the semifinal.

Battle two of the night was almost marred by technical difficulty, as Elete Trax wasn’t able to get a computer up and running in his battle vs. Hot Science. Luckily, however, he not only had beats on his phone, but also had an app to make beats live, dueling Hot Science’s live sampler work. It was definitely one of the moments of the tournament so far, and it took the battle to another close overtime decision. In the end though, Hot Science prevailed, after a valiant effort.

The night was also given a classic hip hop feel with performances from john doe and Taiyamo Denku, featuring an impromptu beatbox/freestyle session from Denku and Twan Mack. As Twan put it at the end of the night, “there were no losers tonight, but two people have to make it on to the next round”. Here’s how your bracket looks going into next week, night two of the quarterfinals:


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