Enrique “Mag” Rodriguez Named Backline Program Director


The Backline program from Gener8or and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee has definitely had the Milwaukee music scene talking since its inception earlier this year. The program will bring four acts this year, and eight in subsequent years, into a 12-week crash course on the business of the music industry, as well as being eligible for a $20,000 grant to further their careers. The program will also run quarterly mixers featuring industry professionals to discuss business and strategy with local artists and bands.

Today, the much anticipated announcement of a Program Director is here, and it’s none other than Enrique “Mag” Rodriguez.  While many people might know Mag already, a primer via press release helped show why Rodriguez is qualified to help pilot the program; he’s previously been the head engineer of Magic Studios, as well as a manager for breakout hip hop act IshDARR.

“It is a great honor to be Backline’s inaugural Program Director,” Rodriguez said. “The Milwaukee music scene is on the cusp of something incredibly special and Backline will be a part of making sure that local musicians have the opportunity to break out and succeed.”

To be frank, it’s encouraging to see someone actually involved in the Milwaukee music scene, let alone the oft-overlooked hip hop scene to be at the forefront of this program. The initial concern from many people when discussing the program was a lack of connection, and thankfully that isn’t the case.

Find out more about the Backline program here via their website.

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