Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch – May 2018

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

Dare I say it, we’re finally warming up for the summer, and our monthly Five To Watch is heating up, as well. Check out this month’s picks to heat up your summer:

AuraDona (New York City, NY)

NYC Rapper Auradona has a sound with tremendous potential. In February, the emerging artist put out a single, “Extra Extra”, which has a flow comparable to some of the female rappers making a name for themselves on a mainstream level. With a very contemporary sound, her tone is unapologetic, and at times just a bit brash. The track is definitely worth considering for your summer playlists, and you can get a sample of what AuraDona is all about below:

Exotic Matter (Minneapolis, MN)

What says summer more than bass-heavy, EDM bangers? That’s what Minneapolis trio Exotic Matter bring to the table, and you better believe that they do so at full volume. While many acts may just stick to beats, vocals from Winter Ference definitely give the act a pop overtone, and live instrumentation from the band kicks things into overdrive. The band has developed a following in their home state, but definitely could expand on that soon. Check out Exotic Matter’s track, “Apparition” below:

Hot Suede (Kansas City, MO)

Led by a hard driving guitar lick, Kansas City rockers Hot Suede deliver straight up rock n’ roll done right. Their recent track, “Make It Harder”, hits as hard as if you were checking the band out live. Vocalist Wayne Hutcherson sounds like the prototypical rock frontman on the track, which comes complete with a grooving rhythm section, as well as elements of psych and a powerful guitar solo. Get a sample of Hot Suede by checking out the track below:

NU/ANCE (Sofia, Bulgaria)

From the moment the low brooding “Survivor” kicks in, you can tell that you’re in for something special from Bulgarian alternative act NU/ANCE. The band has their sound down to a science, offering something for fans of darker alternative acts like Tool, A Perfect Circle, and more. It’s gritty, it’s moody, but it’s fun. Considering the band come from a place that doesn’t get a lot of internationally recognized bands, think of NU/ANCE as your latest hidden gem. Get introduced to the band with “Survivor” below:

Post Pulse (Helsinki, Finland)

Thrash metal is alive and well in Finland, and Post Pulse is definitely a band that should be leading that charge. With blistering songs that keep the tempo way up, the band is full of aggression, but still manage to remain technical within their songs. Intricate guitar parts can do wonders to offset blind screaming from frontman Antti Karhu. The band’s sound is menacing, fast, and brutal; everything you’d want from the moment you hear the words “Finnish Death Metal”. Check out Post Pulse’s track, “When The Snakes Are Dead” below:

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