INTERVIEW: Frankie Poullain of The Darkness

The Darkness are heading to Milwaukee, playing Turner Hall Ballroom on April 10th, in support of their fifth studio album, “Pinewood Smile”. The tour date is part of the group’s “Tour De Prance”, with special guests Diarrhea Planet, and  is sure to be a night to remember. “Pinewood Smile” is the band’s third album since returning from a hiatus in early 2011. We caught up with bassist Frankie Poullain to talk about the album, touring, memories of Milwaukee and more:

B&E:  Hi Frankie. Please introduce yourself! 

FP: If you insist. I don’t really know what I am.

B&E:  The Darkness has a new album out, “Pinewood Smile”.  What did you like most about making this record?

FP: Emotions. Many varied ones, often at odds with each other. Anyone would think we didn’t know what we were doing.

B&E:  How do you think the band has evolved between your debut “Permission To Land” and now with “Pinewood Smile”?

FP: It’s the same thing really. We live by inspiration rather than calculations, schemes or concepts. We do sometimes start off with a concept but that always falls by the wayside, and quite rightly.

B&E:  What’s your favorite track on the new album?

FP:  “Seagulls” the bonus track. Dan’s guitar solo is beautiful.

B&E:  The Darkness will be hitting the road in North America on your Tour de Prance kicking off on March 29th. What can fans expect from your live show?

FP: Four men with open hearts and hungry egos. No safety nets. No added members to flesh out the sound. Raw as nature intended. Chartering melodic territories that expand the hearts of those foolish enough to dare.

B&E:  You guys have played Milwaukee a few times. Any fond memories of the city?

FP: Always fond. The cherry blossom of Midwest hospitality.
B&E:  We always enjoy a good tour story. What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to The Darkness on tour?

FP: Musically it might have to be Timmy Cappello, the oiled up sax gold from The Lost Boys, guesting with us at New York’s Irving Plaza in 2016. He played beautifully and with such attitude. When he thrust towards me I grinned like a chimp.

B&E:  Finally, you’re headed to Milwaukee, which is famous for beer. What’s the beer of choice for the band?

FP: Irish Guinness to be honest, none more black.

Tickets for The Darkness with special guests Diarrhea Planet at Turner Hall on April 10th are on sale now. Get more information from the Pabst Theater Group website.

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