VIDEO: Lil Chicken & Jigg – “We Gone Ball”

Lil Chicken and Jigg are back with a new drop from their “Dawg Brothers” project, and this time they switch the flow up with a new video from TeeGlazedIt and Moosie8732 Films for “We Gone Ball”. The track is slower paced that what we’re used to from artists like Chicken and Jigg, but the duo manage to adapt their flows to the different sounding production, which comes courtesy of AI Beats. This might be a step forward for the artists from a creative standpoint, a step out of the comfort zone of the hyped up Milwaukee underground scene. It’s also of interest that the clip begins with a logo for FCB Records, which started appearing on Chicken’s Instagram recently as well. We’ll see where this single takes the duo, but for now, check out the clip below:

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