ROZES debuts in Milwaukee with a performance at The Miramar Theatre

Back in 2015, whether you were in a club or listening to the radio, you likely heard The Chainsmokers “Roses”. When this song got big, it was a big break for the girl whose voice laid over the pop-EDM duo’s beats.

To backtrack, ROZES had her song, “Limelight” with DJ Just A Gent on Soundcloud at the time, and it went viral, garnering millions of listens.  Because of this, The Chainsmokers reached out to her and asked to collaborate. Now, you can find her on songs with Logic, Galantis, Big Gigantic, Cash Cash as well as songs she has written herself for her own album and singles. You can hear all of this and more live this Saturday at 9 p.m. at The Miramar Theatre. 

She has paved a way for herself, but it hasn’t always been easy to be a woman in a male-dominated music genre.

“It is definitely hard because it is majority men in this genre. But, it is just important, for women in this industry specifically this genre to be writing their own music. If you do it yourself, no one can take away your power” She said.

Because of this, she has used YouTube, bought her own music programs, and worked on her writing to make sure she could do everything it takes for her music.

She advises, “Learn how to write. Learn how to produce. Learn how to make your own demos. Record your vocals. All of these things you can depend on yourself for because when it comes to this industry sometimes you really are the only person you can count on.” 

Music has been a major part of her life for the entirety of it. ROZES explains, “I’ve always been singing. In my family, it was the thing to do. We all grew up with sports but music was the main priority in my family.”

ROZES even recalls, “Beauty and the Beast,” as the first song that she has ever wanted to sing. As she grew older, she started to look to artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse and Twenty One Pilots to inspire her songwriting and performing. Her grandmother is an inspiration to her life, so much her stage name has formed from it.

“She really taught me how to be an independent woman,” ROZES explains the origin of her name, “I’m going to make this thing my own, so I put a “z” in there and added it an “s” to be plural so it’s a little bit of a mystery.”

What really shines through in her songs, however, is her belief and passion for equal rights and mental health.

I definitely make it a  point that songs can relate to really anybody. You know my songs never say ‘he’ or ‘she’, it’s always ‘you’, because I believe in being very gender neutral. I try to play into that world when I am writing especially for mental health I try to make music an escape.” 

All of this stands out on her debut album, “Burn Wild” and her single, “Famous.”

For her future, she hopes to be on the radio again with one of her own songs, win a Grammy, and sell out tours like the musicians she’s collaborated with.

Showing and improving that your music is getting better and appreciated,” ROZES explains, is her main goal as she continues her musical journey. 

Be on the lookout for this up-and-coming musician as she continues to take the EDM world by storm.

Tickets are still available for ROZES show with MAX at The Miramar Theatre here.


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