Freaky Deaky Halloween to Invade the Wisconsin Center this October

Over the last few years, Milwaukee has blossomed into a city drawing artists from house, to Drum n Bass, and other various artists from all over the spectrum of the EDM world. With venues like Site 1A and The Miramar Theater, and promoters like Brew City Bass helping build the electronic scene in our city. We have started drawing artists and fans to our city and continuous to build the electronic scene in Milwaukee. If you are new to the EDM world and haven’t really experienced any of it, we have a great way to test the water of the genre slowly becoming one of the most popular areas of the music industry. This October, React Presents brings the freakiest Halloween throw down to give you Freaky Deaky 2017.

It’s been 6 years since the king of the sound himself has graced the 414. His large following and consistency to produce an eclectic sound has lead him to be a resident artist of Electric Forest, and one of the leading draws for attendees for festivals all throughout the US. Bassnectar will be closing the weekend. Be careful, as his fans begin to migrate to Milwaukee, you will be in the midst of Bass Heads ready to headbang until their necks break.


Not only do we get heavy bass to the face to anticipate, but we are also being blessed with one of the most talented funk-edm blend extraordinaires! Griz is bringing his saxy self to our city for the first time since 2015. After growing up in Michigan and briefly attending Michigan State. He took his talent to larger and larger crowds selling out Red Rocks in Colorado Labor Day weekend. His mix of funk, electronic, and bass all merged together will be a treat for anyone whose music tastes started because of their dad, but also loves some funky bass and various styles from the EDM world.

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.24.44 AM

If you can’t tell, I am extremely biased toward Bassnectar and Griz, but I’m also excited for additional artists joining them representing the world of EDM in the 414. Including Wisconsin natives funk duo Artifakts, along with Mija and Ganja White Night and so many artists that represent the electronic dance music world in the Wisconsin Center this upcoming Halloween. Get ready ladies and gentleman, it’s about to get weird and freaky this upcoming fall, Friday October 27 and Saturday October 28. We will see you there.


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Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 11.33.10 AMStay tuned this week for an upcoming post on more information about this years’ Midwest Takeover of Freaky Deaky by React Presents.

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