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Times are good for Washington-by-way-of-Oklahoma punk band Skating Polly. Tonight, the band plays another gig opening for punk legends X, who are on their 40th anniversary tour at Turner Hall Ballroom. The band will also be kicking off Riot Fest in Chicago tomorrow. We got to catch up with the band and talk about their big plans for the rest of the year here. Check it out:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

SP: We’re Skating Polly (Kelli, Kurtis, and Peyton). We’re an ugly pop band from Oklahoma City, now located in Tacoma, WA.

B&E: You’re on X’s 40th anniversary tour. How did that come about?

SP: Me and Peyton have known Exene since 2010 when she played a solo show in our hometown. We totally geeked out on her about X and 70s and 80s punk and she ended up giving us her email to send our demos to. So we did, and next thing I know she’s flying down to Oklahoma to produce our second record. That was the hugest accomplishment for us. She made our dreams come true and we’ve stayed close like family ever since. But being so close to Exene didn’t make it any less surprising and exciting when they offered us some shows with them!!

B&E:  What’s your favorite part about touring with the band?

SP: The advice, jokes, and stories. I LOVE making small talk with X. I walk away from every interaction with them either chuckling or beaming. But also watching their set every night. It’s different EVERY TIME! And they’ve never played a bad show Every set of theirs gives me a new favorite X song.

B&E: You’re playing Riot Fest on Friday, too! How does it feel to play a big festival like that?

SP: We’re so stoked to be going back!! I feel so spoiled but after getting to experience riot fest as an artist, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. In 2015 we played the Denver and Chicago fest We got to watch The Dwarves, Babes in Toyland, Death Grips, Iggy Pop, Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, GZA, but the definite highlight for me was watching L7 from the side of the stage with Kat Bjelland. This amazing photographer David Kindler snapped a really beautiful pic of us from that night, and it’s one of my favorite moments of my life to have captured. It was also pretty surreal to be eating backstage and always spot a different badass musician chowing down only a couple tables away. In Chicago I worked up the nerve to introduce myself to Thurston Moore, he was so kind and I was just GEEKING out. Anyway it was an all around wonderful experience, can’t wait for this Friday!

B&E: Are there any other bands you’re trying to catch at Riot Fest this year?

SP: So many! Nine Inch Nails, New Order, X (of course!!), Buzzcocks, and Tobacco. And we’re missing so many too! Queens of the Stone Age, Wu-Tang, M.I.A, Dinosaur Jr., The Orwells! We’ve wanted to see The Orwells for so long!!

B&E:  Lastly, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What’s your beer of choice?

SP: Ginger beer! XD

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