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There’s a lot of great music coming to Milwaukee this week, but if you’re not feeling some of the bigger venues in town, there’s a great touring option coming to Circle-A this Friday night. Chicago natives The Safes have just released their most recent record, “Tasty Waves”, and are embarking on a tour shortly after garnering the attention of the national media. We caught up with Frankie O’Malley, one of the three O’Malley brothers in the band, to learn more about the record and upcoming tour.

B&E: Introduce Yourself! Who are you?

FOM: Hello, this is Frankie O’Malley of The Safes.

B&E: For those that haven’t heard you before, how would you describe your sound

FOM: I always like to let others answer this question.  I think Jedd Beaudoin of Pop Matters hit the nail on the head with this description!

“Chicagoland’s The Safes have been delivering hook-laden anthems since 2003 with brothers Frankie and Patrick O’ Malley’s uncanny pop and pub sensibilities leading the charge. The latest offering, Tasty Waves, treats listeners to 10 tracks channeling Big Star, Guided By Voices and Rockpile. ‘Mediocre Jokers’ and ‘Nobody Cares Anymore’ recall the amphetamine-addled Beatles in their Hamburg days, but filtered through the future tense of New Wave, LSD and the oncoming train of postmodern irony.”

Plus there’s a link to our new album here and everyone can decide for themselves.

B&E: Your new record, “Tasty Waves” just came out. What was it like making this record?

FOM: It was like being responsible for taking care of everything on Thanksgiving Day and having left overs to enjoy, only these will last forever.   Let me tell you it was a lot fun!  My brother Patrick (guitar), Dex Fontaine (drums), Curt Schmelz (bass) and I tracked the entire album live with one of our favorite record producers and friends at the helm Brian Deck ( Modest Mouse, Shins).  We knocked out  a real banger in just  a few!

B&E: What’s your favorite song(s) on the album?

FOM: It’s a tie between “Streets and Sanitation” and “I Wish I Could Help You.”

B&E: You’re on tour through the end of November. What’s one non-essential thing you need to bring on tour with you?

FOM: Well if last weekend was any indication of that I’d have to say the majority of things I found in my wallet.

B&E:  Lastly, you’re coming to Milwaukee. Do you abandon Old Style for PBR?

FOM: Yes but I would do that in Chicago too!

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