Introducing : Christoph Watrin

Dear Reader,
I would like to introduce an amazing artist with a beautiful voice. To do that, I invite you to travel with me all the way to Germany.

Christoph Watrin is a  young but already very accomplished singer and musician. He is well known in his home country, Germany as a member of one of the most successful European boy band US5. Christoph has experienced what it’s like to be on the big stage at a very young age. With his bright smile and charismatic presence, he conquered the hearts of millions. Even in the band of five members Christoph’s sonorous and mellow voice could be distinguished with ease. Trust me this is a singer who does not need to be auto tuned ! In the band, not only did he stand out as a singer,but as a dancer and a performer as well.

Christoph’s passion for music continues to drive him forward today. He is an outstanding pianist and writes his own music. As an artist, he loves experimenting with sound and different music genres. With all these qualities international success for Christoph is certainly not far away.

If you are still not convinced, check him out for yourself!

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