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VIDEO: TEAM 5ÜNF – “Bleib Doch”

Team 5UNF - "Blieb Doch"

“Bleib Doch” is the latest release from boy band Team 5ünf. The single is a German cover of the song “ Stay Another Day” originally performed by East 17. As always, Team 5ünf demonstrates their ability breathe new life into a well known classic. Team 5ünf‘s Jay Khan teams up with Sammy Naja to produce an album for Team 5ünf.

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Izzy & Chris of US5 Prepare Debut EP

Izzy Gallegos and Chris Watrin are back. With a new sound, vision and concept the musicians are preparing to release their debut EP as a duet. Former members of a super band “US5” are known for their exceptional talent and perfectionism. Their divergent thinking can not only be heard in their music, but also seen in their promotional photographs. The

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VIDEO : BAHAR – “Flieder”

Just a short week after the video for “ Genug”, Bahar has released has dropped another video for her single “ Flieder”. While both videos are memorable and eye-catching, they are different like night and day. In the video for Flieder, Bahar presents a vision of female diversity. With each woman acting as a unique puzzle piece that paints one

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VIDEO: Bahar – “Genug”

Bahar Kizil has released a video for her latest single “ Genug”. Simple at first glance, this video has a lot of details and attributes. The lighting, the set and the angles of the shots are flawless. Dark underground locations are fitting to the mood and the vibe of the song. Throughout the video, the singer is presented as a

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NEW SONG : Bahar – “Genug”

Just a few weeks after the release of “ Flieder” Bahar Kizil has dropped another single “ Genug”. The power anthem titled “ Enough “ in translation from German carries a powerful message : being strong and independent. The urban beat infused with touch of oriental flavor is a winning combination. Another highlight in “ Genug “ is the use

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Bahar Kizil has recently released a brand new single titled “ Flieder”. Once again this song is nothing like her previous works. This soft and mellow ballad is a perfect match for the singer’s voice. Miss Kizil is also credited as one of the lyricists for the song. We give kudos to Bahar and the team of composers who worked

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German boyband Team Fünf has released their second single. This time, the guys take on Backstreet Boys’ “ Quit Playing Games With My Heart”. Covering a well-known hit is always difficult and covering the original in another language is even more challenging. Team Fünf does fantastic job of keeping in the atmosphere of the original song, while giving it a

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AUDIO: Johnny Chicago & Bahar – “La Vie Est Belle”

Singer Bahar Kizil and music producer Johnny Chicago join their creative forces in a surprise collaborative single. “ La Vie Est Belle” will draw you in with its groovy tune. Layers of melodic instrumentals are cleverly paired with distorted vocals giving the song an enchanting vibe. From mixing to mastering everything was done exceptionally well from start to finish. This

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NEW VIDEO: TEAM FÜNF – Komm Zurück Zu Mir

Team Fünf is a new band established by Jay Khan and Marc Terenzi. Both Jay and Marc have had major success with their former bands. “US5” and” Natural” have sold over 15 million records combined. To find out more about Jay click here. The search was turned into a mini series that aired in Germany. The mission was to find

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