RECAP: Lollapalooza 2017, Day Four

This past weekend, along with some of the biggest stars in music today, we’re descended on Chicago for Lollapalooza. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat for more!

In what felt like a crazy blur, Lollapalooza came and went, bringing some of the world’s top names to Chicago’s Grant Park. The festival closed out on Sunday night, and definitely found a way to go out with a bang, on top of all the other nights that had ended with a bang previously. Here’s some of our highlights from Sunday at Lollapalooza:

Vant Dresses to Impress

Vant By Charles Reagan Hackleman_2849

Photo by Charles Reagan Hackleman / Lollapalooza 2017

The day began early, with England’s Vant making a splash on the Grant Park Stage, in only their second US Appearance. What was initially a scarce crowd due to a 12:45 time slot quickly grew, as the band’s angsty indie sound won over Chicago. Frontman Mattie Vant donned a US Navy outfit as the band came out to the National Anthem, but later shed that for lipstick and a dress, coincidentally showing shades of Cage The Elephant frontman Matt Schultz on Thursday. Vant are going to be a name to watch in the coming years, and they proved it on Sunday.

Noname Plays Hometown Hero

The bright sunshine and trees surrounding the Pepsi Stage made the perfect environment for Chicago’s Noname, who brought some stylish summertime hip hop to her set. Though she’s made some big moves as of late, the “Telephone” rapper seemed taken back by the turnout from her hometown, who were eagerly rapping along with her hooks and swaying along on every verse. Another promising showing for future festival performances, and hopefully she’ll be drawing on the biggest stages soon, too.

Lil Yachty is Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty by Greg Noire_9176

Photo by Greg Noire / Lollapalooza 2017

Over in the “we should’ve seen this coming” file, Lil Yachty took the Tito’s Vodka Stage in the afternoon. While the hill provides a good sight line for several thousand, it best suits smaller acts, leading fans to climb poles and a metal structure behind the soundboard to get a better view. Somewhere between 50-75 fans made it on to the latter platform, snapping the metal cords that suspended the top support posts along the way. According to people who climbed said structure, the roof of that structure was also wooden, and you could hear/feel it cracking with the impact of dozens of kids bouncing on top of it. Lil Yachty didn’t help matters, encouraging fans to throw things as his beat dropped, and seemingly having no concern for anybody’s well being. He also didn’t appear to get through much of any particular song before cutting it off prematurely, so he could see if he could lead another “Lil Boat” chant. These are the best things we can say about his set.

The Arcade Fire Closes Out Lolla In Style

Arcade Fire by Cambria Harkey_04820

Photo by Cambria Harkey / Lollapalooza 2017

If there was ever a way to close out four days of huge names, a career-spanning performance from The Arcade Fire was the way to do that. Clad in gear promoting their already heavily promoted new album, “Everything Now”, Win Butler and co. proved to be masters of the big stage, leading a headlining set that became an all out dance party. The band kept the night mostly lively, transitioning effortlessly between albums that don’t really sound like they should work well together. Butler called Lollapalooza a benchmark for the band, noting that they had played their after previous album releases, including “The Suburbs” and “Reflektor”. The night, as well as the festival, fittingly ended on a beautiful moment, as the band played John Lennon’s “Mind Games”, but also tied it into early hit “Wake Up”. In a weekend filled with a wide variety of high points, this was one of the highest, and truly an unforgettable scene as the band played the last notes of the festival, and a great way to wrap up Lollapalooza.

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