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Grant Part in Chicago is about to be taken over by Lollapalooza this week, and while the music festival brings some of music’s top acts to the Midwest for the weekend, it can also be a proving ground for some of the emerging names in indie rock. Enter Lady Pills, who currently fall in the latter category, but have the potential to establish themselves as a top name in indie in the very near future, thanks in part to their most recent release, 2016’s “Despite”. The band also is comprised of a current student at Berklee and alumnus, and the band was able to set up the gig through the Berklee Popular Music Institute. We caught up with the band before their Lollapalooza set, where they’ll kick off Saturday’s festivities with a Noon time slot on the Pepsi stage. Check out the interview below:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who are you?

LP: Currently, Lady Pills consists of bassist/vocalist Alison Dooley and guitarist/vocalist Ella Boissonnault. We make a lot of tofu scramble, worship avocados, and spend too much money on face masks and plants.

B&E: For those that have never seen you live, what should fans expect from your Lollapalooza set?

LP: We aim to build a space in which everyone feels supported, open, and peaceful. But the cherry on top is much fuzz, many riffs, lots of faces, and swooshy hairs.

B&E: You’re playing this festival in part thanks to the Berklee College of Music. How has the school helped you as a band?

LP: Berklee brought us and our vision together by giving us an environment to grow in. Berklee gave us the space to experiment and find our collective voice in. They have opened the door for us to different opportunities and connections and supported us throughout our journey.

B&E: Are there any other acts at Lollapalooza that you’re trying to catch? If so, who?

LP: Warpaint, Muse, The Killers, The Shins, and Tegan and Sara.

B&E: What’s next for Lady Pills after the festival?

LP: We are halfway through writing the new album, so our biggest priority is to finish birthing our baby. We are also aiming to plan a full US tour for next summer. We are constantly trying to find ways to reinvent and continuously improve ourselves on and off the stage.

B&E: Lastly, if you could pick any three acts to play a festival with (living or dead), who would you pick?

LP: Kate Bush, Zeppelin, and Lou Reed

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