For many bands, some of their first exposure to the entire country is through tours with bigger names as an opening act. While this isn’t their first time in Milwaukee, The Wrecks are looking to break out to an even bigger audience when they play The Rave on Saturday night as part of All Time Low’s “Young Renegades” tour. It’s an exciting time for the band, and we caught up with frontman Nick Anderson to see how things are going so far:

B&E: Introduce yourself! Who are you?

NA: What’s up! Nick Anderson, here. I sing and write music for The Wrecks, and I tweet really dumb stuff @WRXNickA.

B&E: You guys are in the middle of a nationwide tour with All Time Low, SWMRS, Night Riots, and Waterparks right now. How is the tour going?

NA: It’s been phenomenal. So stoked that All Time Low asked us to come out because we’re reacting really well with their fanbase. Meeting everyone after the shows has been a lot of fun too.

B&E: This is sort of a breakout point for the band. How does this tour feel different from previous trips out on the road?

NA: We learned so much when touring with Nothing But Thieves for two US tours, that we were able to go into this tour with a bit of knowledge and expectation, and we’re at the point where our only focus is on giving the best show we possibly can. Every support tour is the same in the sense that your job is to win over the crowd, and that’s what our goal is every single night. We’ve been very lucky to have such receptive crowds.

B&E: Who is your favorite band to hang out with on the tour?

NA: We share a green room with Waterparks every night and they share my terrible sense of humor, so that’s been fun.

B&E: You’ve played Milwaukee before. Have you gotten to see the city when you’re here?

NA: Not really, actually. It seems to downpour every time we’re in town. Hoping for decent weather this time, but we’ll see. Aaron has a lot of friends and family in this area so we often just hang with them somewhere local.

B&E: After this tour ends, what’s next for The Wrecks?

NA: New music! And more touring. So look out for tour announcements and stuff.

B&E:  Lastly, The Rave is infamous for the haunted pool in the basement. If you get offered the opportunity, are you going to go check it out?

NA: We have been down there twice, and we typically bring skateboards and hurt ourselves. There were two office chairs down there last time, so we had races from one end to the other and Billy and Schmizz crashed pretty hard. It was great. Here’s some photos:

(Photo credit: Kyle Lehman)

You can follow The Wrecks everywhere at @WeAreTheWrecks.

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