AUDIO: Annalog – Summerfest Silent Disco Set

If you missed Summerfest’s Silent Disco, a first for the festival, you missed the quietest party that the festival has ever seen. If you were walking past the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage, things looked a little out of place; a mob of people were dancing, all with headphones, but no sound was coming out of the stage’s PA system. Instead, those interested could walk up, receive a pair of headphones to borrow, and could flip back and forth between two different DJs, spinning at similar tempos so that it didn’t look too out of place with everyone dancing around each other. Amongst those DJs was Annalog, who made her entire set available online as well. While it’s definitely a crazy party mix, there’s a few curveballs thrown in for fun. Imagine flipping away from house music to see people going nuts to Spanish music and a sped up version of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Check out the entire set below, and try to imagine watching dozens of people dancing to it with headphones on around you:

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