REVIEW: PVRIS at Summerfest


Thrown into a lineup that included a plethora of younger acts, PVRIS managed to make a name for themselves on Tuesday at the Uline Warehouse. The band, currently supporting the re-release of their debut album “White Noise”, and set to release the follow-up to said record, has already become a big name to some, thanks to internet buzz and a cult following. The band has already played the American Family Insurance Amphitheater as part of the Vans Warped Tour, but their Summerfest debut, at an 8:30 timeslot, proved that they should be headlining at least a ground stage of the Big Gig soon.

With a sizable crowd gathered, and singing along to pop punk hits of years gone by, the Uline Warehouse was primed for PVRIS to take the stage. Once the band pulled back the black curtain and walked out,  many a high-pitched shriek elicited from the crowd, thanks to the younger, female fans of the group. It definitely felt like you were watching a household name of the future, and PVRIS proved that they will become that in due time.

The setlist comprised mostly of tracks off of “White Noise”, but did include a few teases of new material from “All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”. The lead single from the new album, “Heaven”, got a solid reaction, and a stripped down version of recently released single “What’s Wrong” was met with cheers. Frontwoman Lynn Gunn apologized in advance if she screwed up the latter song, and explained that they haven’t even had a chance to really practice it as a band yet. Some of the loudest responses were for “White Noise” cuts “St. Patrick”, “Smoke”, and set closer “My House”.

On stage, Gunn is a force to be reckoned with. Her vocal power is unmatched by any other pop punk act currently out, and she commands the stage with her presence. The rest of PVRIS hold their own as well, but play their respective roles behind Gunn well. The crowd noticed this as well, with both flowers and a shirt being thrown to Gunn. A quick quip about the fan who threw the flowers being hired as their new production coordinator for matching their aesthetic, and the band was on their way into the next song. There wasn’t room for an encore, but had there have been time, they would have certainly earned the applause for one.

Perhaps the biggest tell-tale sign of things to come for PVRIS occurred when the band wasn’t actually on the stage. Once the set was over, the mob of fans mostly emptied out of the Uline Warehouse,  save for about the first five or six complete rows of fans waiting to see headliner Death From Above 1979. The majority of the crowd on-hand were there to see PVRIS, and with a buzz going for themselves already, and a new album coming out in August, things are looking great going forward. It’s easy to get the feeling that PVRIS are a band poised to become a household name given the circumstances, and based on Tuesday night’s performance, that status won’t be a short-term thing.

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  • That was my daughter who gave the flowers. Third time seeing PVRIS. Each time was better than the last. The band earned my (dad’s) respect not only by the quality of their music/shows, but the message of love and acceptance (especially of the most vulnerable among us) by their front woman Lynn Gunn.

    I’m looking forward to their headlining tour stop in Chicago in August.

  • That is awesome. Hope you enjoy the show!

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