2017 Rebel Music Stage at Summerfest Lineup Announced

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The Rebel Stage is one of those sort-of hidden gems of Summerfest. The stage is celebrating their 10th year along the lakefront, after Whiskey of the Damned embraced a double-booking by just finding an outlet, plugging in, and playing. The stage has grown, and while still not part of the official Summerfest lineup, they do offer up a location to showcase plenty of local and regional talent, occasionally with themes like “Kenosha Day”. Here’s this year’s lineup:

Wednesday, June 28th

12:00pm Electra Color
1:30pm Skill Road Truckers
3:00pm The Old Prospectors
4:30pm Jon Condon
6:00pm The Atomic Spins
7:30pm They Never Say No
9:00pm Under Aegis

Thursday, June 29th

12:00pm TBA
1:30pm Upside
3:00pm OncetheSun
4:30pm Hot By Ziggy
6:00pm Hey, Captain Knight
7:30pm Dreamhouse
9:00pm The Ol’ One, Two

Friday, June 30th

12:00pm TBA
1:30pm Skeleton Royals
3:00pm The Slurs
4:30pm DangerWhore
6:00pm Whiskey of the Damned
7:30pm Afterdark
9:00pm Everything Must Die

Saturday, July 1st (Kenosha Day)

12:00pm Pat Garrett
1:30pm Mixed Company
3:00pm Dropping Daisies
4:30pm Full Shred Ahead
6:00pm Self-Centered
7:30pm Army of Cretins
9:00pm Cookie Crotch Nuts

Sunday, July 2nd (Metal Day)

12:00pm Of the Earth
1:15pm Cold Black River
2:30pm Ultrea
3:45pm Anomaly
5:00pm 40ozfist
6:15pm Morta Skuld
7:30pm Samyaza
8:30pm H1Z1
9:30pm Consume The Divide

Tuesday, July 4th (Hip Hop/DJ Day)

12:00pm Syborg (Milwaukee Noise Collective)
1:00pm DJ Blackout ((Milwaukee Noise Collective)
2:00pm Apple Country / Kayjay (Milwaukee Noise Collective)
3:00pm Thrasher / Jen Sob (Milwaukee Noise Collective)
4:00pm Yogie B & Keez
5:00pm DJ Jayson Bay
6:00pm Bizal McLoud
7:00pm We Are One
8:00pm Amerikas Addictionn
9:00pm DJ King Cyrus

Wednesday, July 5th

12:00pm Pretty Beggar
1:30pm NoOneSoldier
3:00pm Cyanide Son
4:30pm Donoma
6:00pm Brock Betz Band
7:30pm Lack of Reason
9:00pm Atlas On Strike

Thursday, July 6th

12:00pm Clear Pioneer
1:30pm Jiffy Slim
3:00pm Newvices
4:30pm WarPiper
6:00pm The Young Revelators
7:30pm The Roving Scallywags
9:00pm Uncle Fergus’s Magic Whiskey Band

Friday, July 7th

12:00pm White Knuckles
1:30pm Hubbard Hustle
3:00pm Allantide
4:30pm Richard Prior Convictions
6:00pm Oct 29
7:30pm The November Criminals
9:00pm Mötley Brüe

Saturday, July 8th

12:00pm Skyline Sounds
1:30pm Keystones
3:00pm Indonesian Junk
4:30pm The Dirty Martinis
6:00pm Whiskey of the Damned
7:30pm A Pirate’s Life
9:00pm The Oscillators

Sunday, July 9th (Singer/Songwriter Day)

12:00pm Summer Rock Band
1:30pm Mr. Cameron James
3:00pm Andrew David Weber
4:30pm Eoin McCarthy
6:00pm Chill
7:30pm Astral/Subastral
9:00pm Mathew Haeffel

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