INTERVIEW: Kyle Morris of The Unlikely Candidates

Unlikely Candidates

We’re just a few short weeks away from the world’s largest music festival and arguably the most quintessentially Milwaukee tradition, Summerfest. Every year, hundreds of acts descend on Milwaukee’s lakefront, many of them aiming to make their mark and stand out amongst the festival’s lineup. One of those bands is The Unlikely Candidates, who will take the Uline Warehouse stage on July 4th. We spoke to frontman Kyle Morris about the band, as well as their most recent EP:

B&E: Introduce yourself! Who are you?

KM: I am Kyle Morris, lead singer of The Unlikely Candidates.

B&E: For those who haven’t seen The Unlikely Candidates before, describe your sound.

KM: Melodic groovy colorful alt rock music. We have traces of influences all over the place – a little classic rock, west coast hip hop, garage rock, electronic, etc.

B&E: The band’s most recent EP, “Bed of Liars” sounds like it has a ton of different influences behind it, spanning multiple genres. Who (or what) influenced the sound of this record?

KM: This EP was made up of a patchwork of phases over many years. At some stages, we were back home in Texas and kind of picked up on the blues sound in the area and at other times we were in California listening to a lot of 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. Most of it was us just writing as much as possible and following our own sounds.

B&E: Has the band ever played Milwaukee before? If so, where?

KM: We played The Rave a few years ago around Halloween. It was pretty cool!  The venue has a spooky history so that definitely enhanced the experience. We actually went downstairs and drank in the haunted basement/pool area.

B&E: Are you checking out any of the other bands on the festival lineup? If so, who?

KM: We may only be there the day we are playing so I’ll cover that line up. Captain Cuts should be cool, the drummer of Grouplove is a fantastic producer and songwriter. The dudes in Dreamers are rad and it will be cool to watch them again. We have worked with Elephante but I have not seen him play before. Miike Snow, Third Eye Blind, and Death From Above will be great as well.

B&E: Finally, you’re coming to the world’s largest music festival. What’s the one thing you look for besides music? (Food, Attractions, etc.)

KM: Inebriated people. We like to run around and get into trouble so it’s always nice to find like minds.

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