INTERVIEW: Folk Family Revival & Watching For Foxes

folk family revival

Today we have not one, but two interviews for you, from a pair of bands playing Fire on Water this Wednesday night; Folk Family Revival and Watching For Foxes. The bands are currently in the midst of their “Pines and Pavement” tour until the end of the month, swinging through a total of 19 cities in 22 nights. We talked to both bands about the tour, and you can see each of their answers below:

B&E: Whose idea was it to put together a co-headlining tour?

FFR: It just kinda worked out that way. Watching For Foxes are from Michigan and Folk Family Revival is from Texas, so when we’re close to Texas FFR headlines and when we’re close to Michigan WFF headlines.

WFF: Our manager knew Folk Family Revival’s team and knew the two bands would be a great fit for a tour!

B&E: Have the two bands ever played with each other prior to this? 

FFR: We haven’t. But we’re already getting along well and we like each other’s sound and feel like it’s a nice fit for the listener.

B&E: Is there any chance that we might see some collaboration between the two bands on or after this tour?

WFF: Yes, we are already jointing each other on songs during the sets. In fact, on one show, the venue owner allowed us to have an after-hours rehearsal, where all members of the bands jammed together and worked on new material for the shows!

FFR: There’s a pretty good chance. We’ve been discussing some sort of collaborative performance. We’ll be staying in Houston together at our house so if we have a chance we’ll work something out there.

B&E: Does a co-headlining tour feel any different from hitting the road with only your band? If so, how?

WFF: Yes absolutely. It’s fun to get to know each other over a longer period of time and it’s really helpful to have both bands for different draws in certain markets. We already feel like family and like we’ve known them forever!

FFR: Yeah, it’s quite a bit different. We enjoy the convoy. It’s fun meeting new groups and learning from their methods. It’s fun sharing gear and sleeping spaces with new people. Makes it feel less routine.

B&E: We always love to hear crazy road stories. What’s been the craziest thing that has happened so far on this tour?

WFF: Nothing super crazy, but in Houston we got access to the Raven Tower which gave us amazing skyline views of the city from a rooftop. It was absolutely magical.

FFR: So far there hasn’t been anything too crazy. Other than a little road rage with an eighteen wheeler. But rest assured there will be stories soon.

B&E: Finally, you’re coming to Milwaukee. What is your beer of choice when you’re out and about?

WFF: Pabst Blue Ribbon!

FFR: We travel with a pretty good supply of Southern Star Beer but we love trying local beer and food everywhere we go and we know Milwaukee is the place to try beer. We’re open to suggestions. Can’t wait to see you guys!

Folk Family Revival – “American Standard”

Watching For Foxes – “Built Broken”

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