AUDIO: Rich Garvey Featuring Nsikak – “Antetokounmpo”

If you’re a Milwaukee Bucks fan, or if you at least have them going far in the playoffs, your day is about to be made. Rich Garvey and Nsikak, both from the Twin Cities, pay tribute to beloved 7-foot G/F Giannis Antetokounmpo on their new track, and yes, to answer your question, they do say “Antetokounmpo” several times on the track, even rhyming with it. Garvey produced the track, and the hook revolves around Giannis’ last name, which we’re already sick of typing. The lyrics also deal with heritage and use some clever metaphors to relate back to the song’s namesake. This should be played in the arena every time Giannis posterizes somebody, or at least for every awe-inspiring breakout windmill dunk he throws down. Check out “Antetokounmpo” below:

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