88Nine RadioMilwaukee To Launch All-Local Music Radio Stream


In the past decade of being on air, 88Nine RadioMilwaukee has done an immense amount of work to improve Milwaukee’s music scene as a whole. However, in the midst of all of the Milwaukee Day hoopla on Friday, they might have made their biggest contribution yet. RadioMilwaukee announced the launch of 414Music.fm, a new digital radio stream that will play nothing but Milwaukee artists 24/7. RadioMilwaukee already plays at least one local artist per hour (often more), as well as hosting weekly “414 Live” sessions at their Walker’s Point studio every Thursday afternoon. Arguably, they’ve given more significant exposure to local music than any other outlet in the city, and it looks like they’re about to do that on an even bigger level. 414Music.fm will begin streaming on June 20th, but in order to make this a more collaborative representation of the city, you can submit music by visiting their website. ┬áCheers, RadioMilwaukee!

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