Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch Presented By JBL Professional: March 2017

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

With over 3,300 music submissions, the task of picking just five artists to watch for the upcoming month is never easy. We received tons of different styles of music from all over the world, and of that pool of submissions, we’ve chosen some artists that we think stand a very good chance at being the next big thing. Check out our Five To Watch Presented By JBL Professional for March:

The States (Ocala, FL)

If there’s such a genre as “arena indie”, that would describe the sound of The States very well. With tracks that build up around pulsating kick drums, and powerful choruses full of emotion, the band demonstrates that they’re ready to play the big rooms, and you can hear that on their submitted song, “As Cruel As Youth”. The band actually are planning for new music in the near future, as well, as they are set to release their EP, “Cathedral”, with presales beginning next week Monday. Until then, get hooked on the band with “As Cruel As Youth” below:[size]=small&pwc[branded]=1

Altre di B (Bologna, Italy)

Cue up your latest FIFA video game, because Altre di B have a sound that fits hand in hand with the game. Hailing from Bologna, Italy, the band have a punk rock energy about them, with an indie sense of overall cool. The end result is synth-accented, high energy power pop that you can’t help but get hooked on. If you need an example, their track, “Sherpa” encapsulates everything that’s fun and exciting about indie rock in one song. Dance along to the track below:

Kris Angelis (Los Angeles, CA)

Sometimes, you hear certain songs and tones that are so commercially viable that you ask yourself, “how is this not a major record already?”. A ptime example of this is Kris Angelis’ track, “Built This House”, which feels tailor made for Top 40 radio. Angelis has already seen some decent success, though, as she’s put out an album and an EP, played several major festivals, and has previously premiered music on Ryan Seacrest’s website. One listen to “Built This House”, and you’ll be calling up your local radio station to ask them to put it into rotation. Listen to the enormous potential of Kris Angelis below:

Glass Mansions (Columbia, SC) 

If you like your pop music with a healthy dose of synthesizers, and just a little pinch of southern twang, Glass Mansions is your band. The band has everything that you want to bring a room to life; powerful drums, bouncy songwriting, and an energy to their music that can get crowds jumping up and down. At the core of this, however, is clever songwriting, chock full of catchy melodies and jangly pop elements. Their track, “Nightswimming”, is enough to sweep you off your feet. Check it out below:

Speaker Minds (Portland, OR) 

The feel of a hip hop collective is infectious at it’s core. In a way, it’s the most truly hip-hop experience possible; built out of the days of getting people together in one spot to just kick rhymes with (and off of) one another. Portland’s Speaker Minds have that sensibility to themselves, with harmonic vocals reminiscent of groups like the legendary Jurassic 5. With a modern take on the hip hop collective style, the six-piece band also incorporates live instrumentation and a healthy dose of funk and house influences. Experience the flavor of Speaker Minds with their track, “Act Like” below:

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