AUDIO: 12 Days of Christmas Mixes – DJ Aztek, DJ Goose, DJ Kenny Perez, and DJ E-Rich

Okay, so we might have fallen behind on DJ Whyte Nite’s 12 Days of Christmas Mixes. That’s our bad, but hopefully you haven’t fallen behind as well. If you have, well, great, because here’s enough music to have you caught up to speed and then some. Days 6, 7, and 8 dropped recently, and there’s some great sets from DJ Aztek, DJ Goose, a second appearance from DJ Kenny Perez, and DJ E-Rich. Plus, it’s been warm out, so you can blast these mixes with the car windows down (okay, maybe like, cracked a little bit) on your way to do your last minute shopping. We’d call that a win-win. Check out all four awesome DJ sets below:

DJ Aztek:

DJ Goose

DJ Kenny Perez

DJ E-Rich


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