AUDIO: Sum 41 – “13 Voices”

Don’t call it a comeback. Today we have a new Sum 41 album. After a very impressive record in 2011’s “Screaming Bloody Murder”, the band faced tons of adversity. The biggest setback, however, was the serious condition of Deryck Whibley, who was placed in a medically-induced coma in 2014. Whibley lost control of all of his motor skills, meaning he had to learn how to write, let alone play guitar all over again. The band has since made a comeback, with guitarist Dave “Brown Sound” Baksh rejoining the band, almost returning Sum 41 to it’s most famous lineup.

Despite the adversity, “13 Voices” isn’t necessarily the heaviest Sum 41 record in terms of lyrical content, though they could have easily went that route. Instead, Whibley and the rest of the band are making this comeback about enjoying the music that they make, picking right up from where they left off on “Screaming Bloody Murder”. The sound is a touch of pop-punk nostalgia for fans, but the band does it with the same energy and aggression that they’ve always had, making it far from a worn-out rehash of the height of their popularity. It is, quite simply, a well-crafted pop-punk record. It’s the Sum 41 that millions of kids grew up on, and it’s exactly what you want if you’re a fan of the band. Check out the album below:

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