AUDIO: NOFX – “First Ditch Effort”

Modern-day punk legends NOFX are back with a new record, and it’s not your typical album from them by any means. “First Ditch Effort” has the sound that NOFX has made their calling card for the past 32 years, but the lyrical content is much more personal and introspective than ever before.

There’s no signs of slowing down, even though the album is the band’s first completely original project since 2013’s “Stoke Extinguisher” EP (excluding Fat Mike’s “Home Street Home” musical), but there is some signs of maturing. From calling himself a “human trash can” on “Six Years On Dope”, to the very personal lyrics of “Happy Father’s Day” and “I Don’t Like Me Anymore”, you can tell that this was a hard album for Fat Mike to write. Less personal songs like “Bye Bye Biopsy Girl” and “Sid and Nancy” are scattered in the track listing, but it only scratches the surface compared to Fat Mike’s cross-dressing confession on “I’m A Transvest-Lite” and the heart-wrenching tribute “I’m So Sorry Tony”, dedicated to No Use For A Name frontman Tony Sly. This isn’t necessarily a record for NOFX fans, so much as it was an album that Fat Mike needed to get out to the world.

While this is still a very fast, very punk album, it’s lyrical content is deeper than anything I’ve heard from any other punk band before. One listen and you’ll hear for yourself. Check out “First Ditch Effort” below:

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