Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch: August 2016

As a Milwaukee-based music blog, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation. Click here to submit music to be one of next month’s Five To Watch.

Welcome to our initial edition of Five To Watch for August 2016! In a little under a month, we received over 1,500 submissions via ReverbNation, and heard a literal crapload of different artists from all over the world. There were some tough decisions to be made, but ultimately, here are our first five acts to make the cut.

Iakopo (Miami Beach, FL)


The story behind reggae artist Iakopo is absolutely crazy. Born to a Mormon family in Utah, he was taken to Samoa when his parents were sent to a correctional facility in the country. After a year in a hostile environment. A counselor removed Iakopo (whose artist name is the Samoan translation of his given name), and immersed him in the Samoan village life. This ultimately led him to the discovery of reggae music, which has taken him on a journey around the world. His single “Touchdown” features international reggae icon Shaggy, and that song is only the introduction to the potential of crossover success that Iakopo has.

View Iakopo’s profile on ReverbNation

Jessica Meuse (Birmingham, AL)


I feel compelled to note that submissions were judged merely on the song that was submitted to our ReverbNation artist opportunity. I don’t watch American Idol, and had no idea that Jessica Meuse was a contestant, let alone a finalist in season 13 of the show. That being said, Meuse has the potential for gigantic country success. Her single, “Done”, carries all of the attitude of artists like Elle King or Miranda Lambert, and more importantly, Meuse has the vocal chops comparable to those aforementioned artists, as well. It’s easy to see why Jessica Meuse has already received a notable amount of success from her work, and if the right label or promotional team gets behind her, there’s no stopping where she might go from here. Listen to “Done” and see for yourself:

View Jessica Meuse’s profile on ReverbNation

LWin (Los Angeles, CA)

fc45efafe8154aacf76672bd4de0dcccd082dfedWith a natural swagger about himself and a flow that is on par with some of the biggest names in mainstream hip hop right now, Los Angeles by way of Chicago emcee LWin is making a name for himself nationally. Drawing influence from legends like Nas and Zaytoven, LWin uses his sound to create not only a great hip hop track, but music from the soul that people can truly relate to. One of the most appealing aspects to LWin’s music is that it resonates with fans of both classic backpack hip hop purists, as well as new school trap fans. LWin is certainly an up and comer flying under the radar. Check out “Fall In Love” and see why.

View LWin’s profile on ReverbNation

Ships Have Sailed (Los Angeles, CA)


If there’s ever a genre called “stadium indie”, it should include bands like X Ambassadors, Imagine Dragons, and LA’s Ships Have Sailed. Consisting of frontman Will Carpenter and bassist Dan Hange, the duo specializes in creating diverse, textured indie pop that has a massive appeal to it. Their single, “Drive” should already be in top 40 radio rotation by now. With well spaced, well crafted production, and Carpenter’s  powerful emotional vocals leading the charge, the song has the “it” factor that many songwriters work so desperately to achieve. You know it’s a hit the second you hear it. See for yourself below:

View Ships Have Sailed’s profile on ReverbNation

Big Little Lions (Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada)

indeximage2015Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to know that a band has exactly what it takes to make it big. In the case of Canada’s Big Little Lions, you know that within the first notes of their single, “Fills Me Up”. Before the duo of Helen Austin and Paul Otten sing a single word, the song already has the components of a radio ready hit, complete with a whistle that makes the track unforgettable. At the very least, it’s the kind of song that you hear in a commercial for a feel-good product, and I’m sure the band wouldn’t scoff at the idea of some music placement money coming their way. “Fills Me Up” is much more than that, however. Austin and Otten’s voices blend well with each other, and the single is nothing short of indie-folk bliss. This is a band that should be playing big festivals and seeing incredible success from their single, and I don’t doubt that success along those lines is coming sooner than later. Listen to “Fills Me Up” below:

View Big Little Lions’ profile on ReverbNation

Be sure to check out all of these artists on ReverbNation, and look for big things from them in the near future! Keep checking back with Breaking And Entering every month for the next Five To Watch.

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