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There are a plethora of interesting, talented acts playing this year Summerfest, and it is the perfect time for the city to be new music junkies. One of the newer acts to check out are Epoch Failure, an urban pop duo from New Jersey. We talked to members Billy the Kidd and Nickey Knoxx ahead of their appearance on July 6th at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage. Get to know them here:

B&E: Introduce yourselves! Who is Epoch Failure?

Billy: What up! I’m Billy the Kidd and along with my good friend Nickey Knoxx, we are Epoch Failure. Epoch Failure is the voice for all the daredevils and dreamers out there. We’re here to remind people that it’s okay to fall or fail sometimes. What matters is having the courage and heart to shake it off, get back up, and keep doing your thing. Make the best of every situation, period.  On top of that, we’re also the kinda guys you can kick it with and have a brew or two!

Nick: Epoch Failure is a band built on resilience and determination, we are the voices of everyone who refuses to be beat and we’re giving them the soundtrack to muster up that last ounce of energy and push through to their goals, no matter what those goals may be.

B&E: What artists would you compare yourself to? As in fans of ____ and ______ would love Epoch Failure?

Billy: Well, personally I think fans of artists like Gym Class Heroes, B.O.B, Kanye and even stuff like Fall Out Boy would feel what we’re doing. I think we kinda pull from a broad range of artists like that for inspiration, and then mix in our own blend of true hip hop, hook-heavy pop and the energy of some alternative rock.

Nick: I think fans of Gym Class Heroes, Chiddy Bang, Beastie Boys, Fort Minor, X Ambassadors, would like what we’re doing. We’re a mix of rock, pop, hip hop and electronic production that isn’t nearly as convoluted as it sounds. Basically, people are into music that’s not more of the same old same old will like it.

B&E: How did the idea for a Bon Jovi cover come about? 

Billy: When you’re from Jersey, Bon Jovi is in your blood. And “Prayer” is an anthem that’s always been one of our all-time favorites. It started out as just an idea to do a cover for YouTube. But as we got into it, we were really inspired and felt a strong personal connection to the content. That’s when Nick started messing with the verses, keeping the spirit and heart of Tommy and Gina alive, but coming from a first person real life angle. At this point, we knew if we were gonna add new brush strokes to a masterpiece, it had to be something special and something where we went all-in. The process of rewriting, recording, and tweaking (and sometimes going back to the drawing board) played out over almost a year. We wanted to make it fresh and special and true Epoch Failure, without losing the magic of the original. When Bon Jovi picked it up and shared it across all their social media platforms, we were blow away. That was the ultimate stamp of approval.

B&E: Is this your first Summerfest? Any expectations for Milwaukee?

Billy: Yes, this is our first Summerfest and we’re jazzed! We’ve been to Milwaukee before and we love it. Milwaukee Brat House is a favorite hang, and I’m sure we’ll be spending some time there. Performing at Summerfest is gonna be something special.

Nick: This is our first Summerfest, but not our first time in Milwaukee.  It’s an awesome city. I’m particularly looking forward to some bratwurst, cheese curds and good beer straight from the source!  We’re definitely going to explore the town a little bit this time and try to get to experience some of the great activities that Milwaukee has to offer.

B&E: Summerfest is billed as “The World’s Largest Music Festival”. Any plans to walk around the festival and check other acts out?

Billy: For sure! We’re gonna take it all in, and catch as many shows as we can.

Nick: I want to see Blink 182, they’ll be playing the day we get in town. Def Leppard, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Luke Bryan and Cheap Trick are all acts that we would love to catch live.

B&E: Finally, you get one chance to pitch your show. Why should Milwaukee come see Epoch Failure live?

Billy: Milwaukee should definitely come check out Epoch Failure because if you guys like dancing, turning it up and having a good ol’ time… we are the guys to do it with. You get hip hop, you get pop, you get rockin’ drums and thumpin’ bass lines, and you get a sick DJ scratching and spinning on the ones and twos. What more could anyone ask for!?!

Nick: If you like a high energy “balls to the wall” mix of rap, rock and pop, then come prepare to get your faces rocked off.  We deliver nothing short of an epoch(epic) show!

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