Interview: C$


With the release of his upcoming album, “MoneyWave” set for June 20th, we checked in with C$ to talk about the project, as well as the transition from his history of groups to performing solo. Check it out:

B&E: For those that don’t know, what exactly is MoneyWave?
C$: MoneyWave is the new movement that I have been stirring up lately. It actually started off as a joke I came up with. I was recording a lot of music at that point and was planning to release an enormous amount of material in which would’ve felt like a whole new wave of music. With my stage name being C$, that’s how the MoneyWave was born. As of now it has just graduated into a full body of work.
B&E: Super Fresh Bros. was more concentrated on the video game side of things. How does this project differ from the duo?
C$: This project is much more personal than anything I have done with SFB. I feel like being apart of a duo, you can’t always express yourself as much as you would like to depending on the art. Doing this project allowed me to open up a bit more and let the listeners in to what I have been going through and how I became the man I am today.
B&E: How is playing live different as a solo act rather than being part of a group?
C$: Playing live is much different now as a solo act! (laughs). I’m so used to having a partner on stage to catch the tail end of my bars and help facilitate the crowd as well. With SFB we were able to bounce energy off one another and just turn shows all the way up! (laughs).  At first it was pretty difficult I can admit, but I’ve already gotten used to it and I really like the direction my shows are going in.
B&E: Are the influences for MoneyWave different than what you would listen to while writing an SFB project? Or is it all the same?
C$: Influences are much different now than it was with SFB. SFB’s music was based around the blend of hip hop and anime/video games/art. So when I am writing SFB music, we look for specific beats, write specific bars and do certain things in that music that reflect our image onto the fans.
B&E: Can we expect any special guests on MoneyWave?
C$: No. Well there is one on there. One of my good friends, Breezy is featured on one of the joints on MoneyWave. We had fun making that song and I hope the world loves it.
B&E: I see the WWE Money In The Bank briefcase with you. Is that part of the live show as well?
C$: Yes it is. The briefcase is the key to this whole movement. It reflects my career up until this point. It can be interpreted as different things but if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ll know what comes next (laughs).
B&E: When can we expect the release of MoneyWave, and where can we find it?
C$: Right now MoneyWave is slated to be released June 20th and will be available on all music streaming sites like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and others.
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