VIDEO: Skrillex & JAUZ Featuring Fatman Scoop – “Squad Out”

Let me make one thing clear, right here and now; if you somehow involve Fatman Scoop on your track, I will always be hyped on it. Skrillex and JAUZ have done just that in their latest offering, “Squad Out”, which features an Adult Swim music video.The energy level is on 10 in this animated trip, as you get stuck in an elevator with the DJs, and animated Fatman Scoop, complete with some sort of trunk thing. It only gets wilder from there. This is a beat that you more than likely will hear at almost every Spring Break party, and it will be blaring around campuses at night for the rest of the semester. Hopefully this will get the foul taste out of your mouth from whatever that Skrillex/Diplo/angsty teen Justin Bieber performance was at the Grammys. Check out the video:

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