VIDEO: Coheed And Cambria – “Island”

The latest album from Coheed And Cambria, “The Color Before The Sun”, is the first to deviate from “The Armory Wars”, a narrative that drew together all of the band’s previous albums. In many ways, until now, Coheed and Cambria weren’t just making concept albums, they were a concept band. However, they’ve ditched that for a traditional rock album, but have found other ways to work comics into their work. The video for “Island” features Batman and Superman doing their worst, and ultimately coexisting, in the heart of Times Square. Lead singer Claudio Sanchez finds the concept of the video relatable, stating “When I think of these two iconic characters, I think of opposite attraction. I think of myself and my wife. How two opposite ends of a spectrum can create harmony and balance. In one way or another, these characters have been paired up with like-minded love interests, the Bat and the Cat… The Alien and the Amazonian… I wanted to bring the Dark and the Light together.” Check out the video for yourself here: