AUDIO: Violent Femmes – “Memory”

The Femmes are back. This week, the group released “Memory” from “We Can Do Anything”, their first album in 15 years. According to frontman Gordon Gano, the song had been recorded as a demo several years ago, and was forgotten about until going through the archives. This led to the group recording a new version, which is ultimately the single you hear today. Drumming on this record is John Sparrow, the latest in several replacements for original percussionist Victor DeLorenzo, who is currently part of local jazz group Nineteen Thirteen. Sparrow has been with the band for over ten years in various capacities, and will be drumming for the band on their upcoming tour. Although some names and faces may have changed, one thing that remains timeless is the Femmes’ bent, wonderfully disorganized sound, and the uniqueness that is the Violent Femmes in general.

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