Best of ’15 (#2): Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit


Remember when everyone thought Bring Me The Horizon were going nowhere after Suicide Season? Not only did they prove the haters wrong but people started taking them seriously. Fast forward to 2015 and we have their most impressive album yet. It may not leave you moshing but it’ll rock the hell out of you. Oli Sykes vocals have gone through a massive overhaul while keyboardist/co-producer Jordan Fish is the best thing to ever happen to the band. Influences range from alternative rock to even indie. This also provides guitarist Lee Malia with more room to play around with ideas instead of making breakdown after breakdown. The lyrics are what Sykes describes as a “Celebration of depression” which I really love. Sometimes it’s okay to embrace your dark side in order to come out of it better and stronger. That’s The Spirit is an album that will piss off old school fans but the band doesn’t care because you should always make an album for yourself. Not the fans.

Key tracks: Doomed, Throne, True Friends, Follow You, Avalanche, Run, Oh No


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