Best of ’15 (#4): The Maine – American Candy


The Maine have managed to make the most Maine album yet. Seriously, everything you love about them have been fine tuned and mixed together to create ten killer tracks. John O’s bubblegum pop lyrics and rock and roll voice will leave you bobbing your head and even randomly dancing on certain songs. Kennedy and Jared’s catchy as hell guitars on here might even be better than on Pioneer while Pat gets better and better on each album with his drumming. There are songs that make you feel less alone, songs to sing along to, songs to raise your lighter to, and even songs that are begging to be played in bars. From past songs like Into Your Arms to new songs like English Girls, The Maine are here to stay for a very long time. American Candy is rock at it’s finest.

Key tracks: My Hair, English Girls, 24 Floors, Diet Soda Society, Am I Pretty?, American Candy, Another Night On Mars

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