Best of ’15 (#5): Fall Out Boy – American Beauty/American Psycho


There is just no stopping Fall Out Boy. The band continue to gain momentum by following up their massive comeback album, Save Rock And Roll, with American Beauty/American Psycho. An incredible pop album that took a lot of balls for these guys to make. Not only the first to not feature guest vocalists but the first to feature samples such as Tom’s Diner and The Munsters Theme. Patrick and Pete continue to be a match made in heaven with phenomenal vocals singing unique but catchy lyrics which is their signature one two hit combo. This also has got to be the most involved Joe and Andy have been since From Under The Cork Tree with Joe shredding it up and Andy tearing it up behind the kit. One of the last bands from the early days of pop punk to still remain relevant, Fall Out Boy will continue to climb to the top and beyond.

Key tracks: Irresistible, Centuries, The Kids Aren’t Alright, Uma Thurman, Jet Black Blues, Fourth Of July, Favorite Record

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