Best of ’15 (#9): Enter Shikari – The Mindsweep


Like fine wine, Enter Shikari continue to get better and better and this album is no exception. With a sound that grabs the listeners by the ears with lyrics unlike anything else they’re listening to at the time. Unlike writing about personal and relatable things, Enter Shikari write about the world around them and warn listeners. While some people might call that pretentious, after three albums they managed to create something mature, diverse, and most importantly, unique. Influences range from System Of A Down to even Radiohead with lyrics tackling topics such as healthcare (Anaesthetist) and race (Torn Apart). Rou Reynolds continues to show off his impressive vocal styles (Singing, spoken word, hardcore screams) backed up by Chris Batten’s wonderful voice in certain songs. This album also continues to show off the incredible guitar and drumming compliments of Rory Clewlow and Rob Rolfe. This is one album you can not underestimate just cause you’re not in high school anymore.

Key tracks: The One True Colour, Anaesthetist, Torn Apart, There’s A Price On Your Head, Dear Future Historians

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