The Ten Worst Songs Of 2015


This year was pretty damn incredible for music. The top 40s had nothing but awesome number one songs. However, I managed to find plenty of black sheep from pop to hip hop to shoegaze. Here we go!


Meghan Trainor – Dear Future Husband 

Oh boy…first off, I like Meghan Trainor. I think she’s a talented vocalist who made some great songs such as Lips Are Movin and Better When I’m Dancin’ but then there’s this. Uninspired doo wop topped with horrible lyrics. So bad that it has the most cringe worthy line I heard this year, “I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed. Open doors for me and you might get some…kisses”. Good grief.


Nate Ruess – Nothing Without Love

This is just sad. I was hyped for this because it’s Nate freaking Ruess. The intro was fine and then the music and verses kicked in. It’s boring. Not just this song but his whole solo album. I guess he’s nothing without Sam Means, Jack Antonoff, and Andrew Dost.


Title Fight – Rose Of Sharon 

Goodness, Ned Russin needs to stop doing vocals. It doesn’t fit their new post punk/shoegaze vibe. Also the production, most notably the vocals are garbage. This is why I think Will Yip is a 50/50 producer.


Metro Station – Getting Over You

I don’t need to explain why this is on here. Listen for yourself. It even has Ronnie Radke, kids!


Miley Cyrus – Dooo It!

How do you follow up a pretty interesting pop album like Bangerz? Not this…not this at all. What was she and the dude from The Flaming Lips thinking?! This actually makes me respect Iggy Azalea more. What does it all mean?!


5 Seconds Of Summer – Hey Everybody!

Sounds Good Feels Good is a fantastic pop rock album. Even better than last year’s self titled. However it isn’t perfect. For example, this song. It’s just sort of there. I don’t know why this made it to the final album and why it’s getting pushed for radio play. The messed up part is this song had twelve writers….twelve writers!? If you hear this on the radio than change the station. You don’t wanna fall asleep at the wheel.


Fetty Wap – 679 

Goodness, I haven’t heard this much jibberish since Shaggy. Add the fact that the beat was ripped off from Iggy’s Fancy and you have grade A garbage.


Drake – Hotline Bling 

Drake is well known for writing one good line that sticks out and then writes around it and pulls it off! Then there’s this boring mess. A song that’s more famous for it’s music video, Hotline Bling will put you to sleep and suddenly wake you up upon seeing his weird dancing. He released an amazing album earlier this year which is odd seeing that there’s still plenty of songs on it that could’ve been a single and not this.


Ariana Grande – Focus 

“FOCUS ON ME. FA FA FOCUS ON ME” That’s it. That’s the song. Why, Ariana, why? You’re talented. This is like Aaron Rogers throwing an interception at a Bears game.


Disturbed – Fire It Up

*Comic book guy voice* Worst stoner song ever.



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