A Look Back At The Cab


Last week Alex DeLeon announced a new project called Bohnes. Seeing as how he was the last remaining member it’s safe to say that The Cab is officially dead. How unfortunate cause The Cab were incredibly underrated. They found this happy mix between pop rock and straight pop. From DeLeon’s powerful voice to Ian Crawford’s shredding, I thought they were going to the top after releasing Whisper War. Then nothing. Ian and Cash left the band and the rest silently wrote the follow up Symphony Solider which was good but went a bit too poppy for my liking. However there were some strong tracks on it. After that drummer Alex and piano Alex (Yes, this band had three Alexs) but DeLeon kept going, releasing an EP called Lock Me Up which was disappointing. Very sad to see a band with huge potential go out on a whimper. I made a small playlist with some of my favorite tracks from their only two albums. If you remember then set ears to nostalgia and if you haven’t heard of these guys then give them a listen and hear a band that could’ve been huge.


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