Song Review: Adele’s Hello


After four long years we finally get a taste of Adele’s upcoming album, 25, and it’s…stale. First off, I don’t think it’s bad. Not at all but the internet seems to have lost it’s shit more than all the Hotline Bling vines. It could be the overhype that killed it for me but I can’t help but think that it sounds like something off of 21 that got shelved. It starts off beautifully with a subtle Richie reference talking about standard sad pop star things. That’s the thing that could be helping her get over a hundred million view in a few days. We’re in an age where all the Lovatos and Swifts aren’t sad anymore. They make upbeat pop about confidence now and most people must be sick of it I guess. Adele just happens to be a one trick pony that her insanely large fan base still enjoys. People still love the sappy ballads and so do I! Just not this one. The chorus falls flat and the lyrics are typical. She’s still a SUPER GOOD singer but that can’t hold this song together. Hopefully she released this song just to play it safe but I am not that excited for 25 now.


Hello gets a 3 out of 5. Fan girls/boys will eat this up while the rest will give it a listen or two.

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