Interview: Hemispheres

I had the pleasure to interview Hemispheres before their show at Yield bar. Enjoy

Would you three introduce yourselves and state your position in the band?

Tim: I’m Tim. I play the guitar and sing the vocals.

Jessie: I’m Jessie and I play the drums.

James: I’m James and I play bass.

How did you three meet and eventually formed?

Tim: We basically live within a mile of each other. We all knew each other from earlier bands. James and I have a mutual best friend from a band I played in when I was younger and James was our merch guy so that’s why we got to know each other.

Jessie: Yeah and then Tim and I started jamming for a little while and he introduced me to James who started playing bass. Fast forward to when we were able to get a practice space and at first we were just friends having fun till it became something more serious.

What’s the main inspiration behind the lyrics?

Tim: Everything around us.

James: That’s a good way to put it. A lot of it is situational like depending on how one of us feels and with the riff that we come up with we’ll just write about how we’re feeling or a situation that happened to us. Kinda our way of saying what we wanna say I guess.

Tim: Not necessarily political but these are real feelings and the music is where it has to go otherwise we’re just gonna think about it too much. It’s usually something that represents a group of people.

James: It’s about being bullied, being hurt, or just feeling like you’re in love with someone or something. It all comes from something specific. We like to have fun with them and make people think about what they wanna think cause I’m sure they feel the same way when they hear it.

Is there a main lyricist or do all three of you write them?

Jessie: All three of us.

Tim: Basically in every aspect, not just the lyrics. All three of us are multi-instrumentalists.

James: There will be songs that we show each other like one of us comes up with an idea and we work at it. There’s even times when we all jamming and there’s this energy between us that we come up with something on the spot.

Tim: It’s like we’re three chunks of a brain.

How did you guys end up opening for Vinyl Theatre?

Tim: We got the opportunity from a friend who manages them and thought of us as well as some of the members who have heard of us. Before we had another friend who planned on opening for them but for whatever reason it didn’t work out so we got the phone call and said yes without thinking twice about it.

What’s next for Hemispheres? 

Tim: We got ideas for music videos as well as new songs. Probably an album’s worth of material. We never stop feeling the way we feel so we’re always writing.

James: We have a large dry erase board filled with ideas.

Tim: Also besides the one off shows we’ll seeing if we could plan a small tour as well as any opportunity that come our way.

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Check out their debut EP, Refuge, on Spotify and is also available on Itunes and Google Play. 

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